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On http://www.moorepe.com at the end of the year I would do a “State of Moore PE” post. Not sure I have the energy for that anymore, but I would like to share some ideas I have for the future of my program. I will start with short term goals and then finish up with long term visions.

Short term

At one point in my career, I was racking my brain to incorporate every single type of cutting edge technology I could find. It was at that point that I created some small video podcasts, had my students completing online work that accounted for 25% of their grade, and that was also the time when I first debuted http://www.moorepe.com.  From the outside looking in it was excellent, in fact, my program was highly regarded from our district Practical Living Department and Information Technology Department.  So it seems strange for me to proclaim this, but I think next year I will be cutting back on the technology I use.

Moorepe.com is too much for me to continually update as a blog, so I will be changing it too more of a static website over the summer. I am looking at it as a virtual companion to my class. It should serve the student who is interested in learning about the benefits of being active.

Much of this change, can be attributed towards the creation of this blog. I have learned that my time spent creating a content on the web is better served developing a professional learning network. It also forces me to understand that the most important time I have of the students is where they stand before me in my classroom environment.

While the technology in my class has been rich, I feel the activities that I offer have grown stale. I have recently been scanning the internet, mostly http://www.pecentral.com for new lessons and ideas that I can try in my class. I am going to get out of my comfort zone, and see if I can help kids find their comfort zone in my class. So far, I have located several lessons that interest me. Badminton Golf, and Ultimate Frisbee Hoops, are just two examples that have helped me start thinking outside the box.

Although I feel that my primary responsibility is that I get the students active, I want to create a more academic environment for my students. I have a moderate amount of written work for students and I teach them basic knowledge according to the standards set forth by NASPE and the state of Kentucky. I would like the students to leave my class with more knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the body. Barriers that I have that prevent me from pursuing this is the lack of an actual classroom. When students enter the gym they want to be active. I would like to know what other teachers do to help improve the academic climate of there program with no access to a separate classroom. What procedures do you have in place that lead to more organized academic teaching in the gym or on the gym floor.

Another constant issue for me is the idea of dressing out for class. I do support uniforms in PE. I notice that when kids are dressed out they are more active, but cannot overlook the fact that sometimes I feel like kids feel that they are being graded on there ability to dress out. I also understand that many kids are just uncomfortable just entering the locker rooms. I am pursuing ways to approach this in a positive manner. In fact on my final exam in my classes, one of my essay questions asks what the students would do if they were in charge of creating a PE program. Feedback would be great.

Long term

Since I have went a bit long already I will just limit this to one major goal I have. I want to have a PE program where students where heart rate monitors for the duration of my class and at the conclusion I just scan and upload their data into my computer. Grades will then mostly be based on their ability to stay in their target heart rate zones.

Obviously, a lofty goal, which will require a lot of money. To raise that money, I have recently joined the Health Promotion Schools of Excellence program sponsored by a local university, the University of Louisville.  So this year I will be doing 3 days of professional development over the summer to be involved in this program. To be involved I have to collect data of all my students, pre and post testing physical fitness tests. I think this was obviously a positive decision for the future of my program. I would love to get feedback from any program that might be using a similar method of assessing students.


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