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Just for a little fun, I like to post some MLB predictions prior to the start of the season. It is more for me so feel free to move along if baseball isn’t your thing.

League Standings

AL East

Sox, Rays, Yanks, O’s, Jays

AL Central

Detroit, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota, Cleveland, Kansas City

AL West

Oakland, Texas, LA, Seattle

NL East

Philly, Atlanta, Florida, Washington, New York

NL Central

Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cinci, Pitt, Chicago, Houston

NL West

San Fran, Colorado, LA, San Diego, Arizona

Individual Awards


Adrian Gonzales

AL CY Young

Justin Verlander


Albert Pujols

NL Cy Young

Roy Halladay

Fantasy Baseball

Good Value Picks

Max Scherzer rd 7

Gordan Beckham rd 12

Johnathon Sanchez rd 12

Brandon Morrow rd 12

Gio Gonzales rd 12

Jeremy Hellickson rd 15

Eric Bedard rd 18

Neil Walker rd 18

James Shields rd 20

You might notice that the later rounds are full of stud pitchers that could easily finish the year as league leaders. Draft a Cliff Lee, Jon Lester, type pitcher early and then load up on offense, then take all these pitchers late. In most league closers are only valuable for saves only. Do not be afraid t


o not draft a closer at all and take risks on high upside players. Once you figure out who comes through for you, then you can slowly add closers as they become available throughout the year. I usually draft 1 and then have 4 on the roster during playoffs.

Can’t wait for the season. Go Rays!



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